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Two vacancies_Planning Engineer_KZ

Vacancy 1 – Planning Engineer with experience in Ship Building / Offshore Construction
Vacancy 2  – Planning Engineers for Investment and Commercial Issues.

Main Terms & Conditions for Planning Engineer:
Planning Engineer - (SINGLE STATUS)
Work Location  
Kashagan Kurik Ersai Yard, Kazakhstan
Contract type  
International contract with secondment
12 months renewable
90/21 (90 consecutive calendar days on site followed by 21 paid calendar days of leave)
Working days/hours
208 hours monthly (8 hours / 6 days a week, from Monday to Friday)
USD 3500 per Month
Over time rate
USD 25.25
Free accommodation provided in line with Company's standard.
Insurance D&D
100'000 USD
Life Insurance
30'000 USD
Medical Insurance
Basic (see attached package)
Income protection
From work incapacity day 1** up to 30 calendar days
On site
100% of the contractual salary *
After repatriation and arrival in country of domicile
30% of the expected annual income according to the contractual work leave rotation cycle broken down to a monthly basis*
From work incapacity day 31 (whether on site or in country of domicile) up to 120 calendar days
30% of the expected annual income according to the contractual work leave rotation cycle broken down to a monthly basis*
Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle
Pre employment Expenses
On company account
Role Description
▪ Establish and manage effectively a planning and progress control system in order to support the Project Manager decision making process and allow him to  complete the project according to the internal baselines and in compliance with the contractual dates and requirements
▪ Ensure any deviation from plan is promptly spotted and analyzed, final time impact is estimated and the effect of corrective actions taken is monitored
▪ Create a schedule awareness atmosphere among all project participants
During the commercial phase:
▪ Ensure the development of the project schedule according to the commercial needs. Verify feasibility and criticality
▪ Participate to the commercial risk management activities
At project start up:
▪Ensure the implementation of the Planning and Progress Control System required by the contract complexity, riskiness and duration, in compliance with the Project Breakdown Structure, Company Standards and Contract specifications
▪ Interface and coordinate with other Company Functions or Discipline Leaders/Supervisors and Managers to build up activities, assign milestones and constraints by issuing the logic network
▪ Prepare all the reference baseline documents, and ensure that the project s planning and scheduling requirements are properly and clearly communicated to those functionally responsible for executing the work
▪ Issue all the relevant reporting
▪ Issue the Planning & Scheduling Procedure, Progress Measurement Procedure and Risk Management Plan for the Project Control Manager verification
▪ Coordinate the risk management activities startup organizing the first brainstorming and the qualitative / quantitative assessment of the identified risks & opportunities
▪ Perform the schedule risk analysis for highly critical projects.
During the project execution phase:
▪ Ensure the effectiveness of the Planning and Progress Control System, monitoring the progress measurement system and ensuring the proper information flow, progress status and completion forecast are assessed and reported for Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction and Commissioning phases
▪ Update all Project Schedules, collecting actual data, evaluating forecast dates and monitoring any progress and productivity Deviation compared with the baseline schedule, including the corrective actions taken by the PM
▪ Maintain the risk management process organizing periodic meetings and verifying the risk owners feedbacks
▪ Maintain records for all significant events, like contractual claims/obligations, productivity, deliverables, materials status, with extensive use of Company/Partner/Client IT systems and reports
▪ Create and maintain the 90 days look-ahead schedule, weekly, monthly. Isolate any adverse trend and warn the PM on time to take corrective actions, issue weekly and monthly project reports (internal and for the Client)
▪ Assist the Project Control Manager in the Project Status Report preparation
▪ Participate in the coordination meetings (internal or with the Client whenever opportune)
▪ Support the Project during the contract changes/claims process providing the time impact analysis.
At project closure:
▪ Support the Project Control Manager in the preparation of the Project close-out Report and the schedule and productivity feed-back data to Project Control and Commercial Department.
Send your CV to
Thanks and best regards,
Jl. Letjen Suprapto Komp. Mall Top 100 Block H1 No. 07 Batu Aji Batam
Telp. +62 778 743 2007

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