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Urgently need Well Engineer and Drilling Engineer for Abu Dhabi, UAE

One of our major Clients intends to recruit suitable candidates for the following positions:

1.   Well Engineer -  (12 Positions)

Job Purpose

Prepares well programmes, Authorization for Expenditures (AFE) and well instructions for drilling and work over wells based on the well data sheet. Issues amendments to cope with any changes during well programme execution. Monitors the day-to –day operations, analyses problems and recommends solutions to Supervisor. Participates inn the pre-spud meetings on the Rig and presents the well instructions during the kick-off meetings. Evaluates well performance by utilizing specialized drilling software.

(Work covers the activates of one offshore drilling rig ) 

Organization Relationship/Latitude:

-  Frequent Contacts with Engineering and petroleum Development Divisions personnel to equivalent level to plan  drilling programmes.

- Frequent contacts with service contractor's personnel at slightly higher level to discuss work progress and ensure availability of equipment.

- Works according to established procedures and drilling engineering professional standards. Exercises latitude when preparing well programmes.

- Completed work is subject to review by Supervisor.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor Degree in  Petroleum or Mechanical  Engineering
5 Years experience in drilling, work over, well testing and completion work.
Very good knowledge of English

2.   Drilling Site Leader  - (18 Positions)

Job Purpose:

Directs and controls all activities related to drilling and workover operations carried out by contractors/service companies on assigned rig. Directs and supervises the implementation of various operational programmes including proposing and executing amendments to approved programmes in response to changing operational parameters. Implements the Company's Health, Safety & Environmental Protection polices and safety management system as applicable to rig operation. Monitors all supply activities of company materials and equipment to ensure economic and cost effective utilization.

Principal Accountabilities:

Oversees the execution of all operational programmers and acts as company – man on assigned rig covering drilling, work over, well completion and related activities covered by contracts and/or service companies. Receives detailed programmers from drilling operatio&Engineering section leader (DROESEL), translates in to operational activities and conducts detailed observation and inspection of contractor's activities on site.
Reviews programmers in light of work progress, proposes and implements minor amendments to approved programmers in light of unforeseen operations requirements. Discusses proposed programmer changes with supervisor to improve drilling operation and implements changes in case of emergency or safety hazardous on own initiatives.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering.
7 to 8 years experience in drilling operations, 3 years of which should be in offshore drilling.
Very Good Knowledge of English Language.

3.   Drilling Engineer (Completion & Wireline) -  (5 Positions)

Job Purpose

Prepares detailed completion procedures for a well ahead of time. Supervises the completion equipment sub- assembly in Mussaffah as per completion program and clients instructions. Runs completion equipment on rigs in liaison with drilling engineering equipment section and operations team. Ensures running completion equipment and all related operations to be  performed as per clients. Safety standards and operating procedures. Ensures visual inspection and supervises timely, appropriate and correct preparation of completion sub- assemblies and dispatch equipment to rigs to meet operations requirements.

Principal Accountabilities

-     Supervises equipment sub-assemblies in Mussaffah. Ensures operations to be achieved safety cost effectively and in timely manner in line with drilling rig time schedule.

-     Coodinates sub- assembly operations including inspection equipment prior to assembly, drifts all equipment and tubular used in completion string. Makes up sub- assemblies as per completion program. All torque data to be documented and recorded. Pressure- test sub-  assemblies. Test charts to be included  in the final reports which should be service company and clients completion engineer upon completion by sub- assemblies job.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Engineering (  Petroleum / Mechanical / Petrochemical )
5 Years experience in drilling, work over, well testing and completion work.
Good knowledge of written and spoken English

4.   Drilling Engineer (Equipment) - (5 Positions)  

Job Purpose:

Conducts necessary studies on new / existing drilling technology / equipment/tools and / or programmes / procedures and methods for necessary enhancement/improvement to secure efficient and safe drilling operations. Keeps abreast with recent development of new drilling technology / equipment/tools and/or methods/procedures. Proposes the usage of new techniques/equipment/tools and drafts methods and procedures as well as reviews and recommends amendments to the existing ones to improve operations achievements in economical/safe and optimum manner.  Follows up and evaluates implementation of necessary recommendations of adjustments and/or troubleâ€`shooting problems.

Principal Accountabilities:

Collects data from various sources and conducts necessary studies on new drilling technology/ methods/equipment/tools and makes appropriate recommendations to improve drilling operations for Supervisor(s)' review and approval prior to implementation. Prepares special programmes for using new equipment/tools for the first time on trial basis, followsâ€`up and studies encountered problems of specific wells/new equipment/tools/methods and evaluates performance for necessary adjustment.
Evaluates performance of the existing drilling technology/equipment/ tools and makes necessary recommendations to enhance/improve drilling operations achievements. Prepares service orders of equipment for special well situation and works closely with Equipment Sales Engineer of service company and with Commercial Division to ensure that special equipment meets the Company standard.
Maintains close and continuous contacts with Service Companies engineers and sales representatives to keep abreast with recent development of new technology/equipment/ tools/methods and procedures, studies adaptability to the Company operations and recommends appropriate actions.
Works closely with drilling operations group to maintain continuous review and update of procedures outlined in the Standard Drilling Instructions and with Drilling Division's Performance Track Engineer to ensure updating the computer data base on time.
Followsâ€`up and evaluates the daily drilling operations performance and ensures abidance to the Company's Safety Policy, procedures and standards and followsâ€`up specific contracts.
Performs other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such as: carrying out specific studies, preparing necessary reports, training UAE Nationals Juniors/personnel ...etc.
Creates CAT ID's for new equipment, review and enhances the specs of the existing equipment to reflect the performance requirements and the applicable standards.
Ensures equipments forecast in the line with the existing stocks and outstanding PO's /Price Agreements for tendering the new requirements in coordination with Commercial Division regularly to meet the approved Bar chart schedules.
Allocates the requirements equipment in six months basis to cover the drilling Bar chart rig activities. Prepare services order for equipment with special well situation.
Carries out equipment tender technical evaluation, and shares the contracts job officers in the relevant services tenders' technical evaluation. Participates in new suppliers/manufactures pre-qualification and audit.
Work in the line HSE policy, and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and    regulations by subordinates.

Communication & Organizational Relationships 

Daily contacts with personnel within the Division up to section Leaders level for exchanging information / experts and consultation. 
Frequent contact with Service Companies up to Senior engineer / representatives level for evaluating new products available in the market.
Works according to Company established Policies and professional/engineering standards. Takes initiative when studying and providing appropriate recommendations.
Contact s Engineers in Petroleum engineering, Umm Shafi & Zakum FDD to consult and co-ordinate drilling engineering activities.
Frequent contacts with Drilling base at Mussafah (Tool Service) regarding storage the equipments
Frequent contracts with Drilling Services Companies and relevant manufactures to ensure proper execution of work.
Completed work assignment are generally reviewed by supervisor.

Minimum Requirements [Knowledge Skills & Experience]:

B.Sc.  In Petroleum / Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
5 - 6 years experience in drilling operations and engineering work with at least two years involvement in studies of drilling technology, equipment and methods.
Very good knowledge of English.

Documents Required:

1. Color Photograph 4x6 = 2 pages, 3x4 = 2 pages

2. Complete CV

3. Copy of Degree Certificate & Transcript Certificate

4. Copy of KTP and Passport (if you have)

5. Copy of Working Experience Letter

6. Copy of other Certificates

Resumes without job description and position applying for will be disregarded

The deadline for submission of CV is February 11, 2012 to:


PT Millenium Muda Mandiri

Menara Hijau, 11th Floor Suite #1102A, Jl. MT Haryono Kav. 33, Jakarta 12770

Tel. 021 – 7987533                  

Email. &

Website. www. milleniummudamandiri .com

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