Thursday, 23 May 2013

Al Waseeta Vacancies

Al Waseeta known before as Qatar Holding Intermediate Industries Company is a new operating Company engaged in Petrochemical Industry,

Al Waseeta's industrial complex in Qatar, one of the biggest in Qatar, is now looking for qualified staff for the following vacant positions:
• Sr. Project Development Engineer
• Costing Engineer
• Planning and Scheduling Engineer
• Contracting Engineer
• QA/QC Engineer
• Sr. Safety Engineer
• Assistant Manager (Project Support)
• Assistant Manager (Hydrocarbon)
• Assistant Manager (Non Hydrocarbon)
• Assistant Manager (Project Development)
• Sr. Design Engineer - Hydrocarbon & Non Hydrocarbon (Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Control Systems & Civil)
• Environment Engineer
• Assistant Manager (HSE)
• HSE Manager
( Check the job descriptions through this link http :/ / www. megarainfield. com/ Vacancies )

If you submitting your candidacy for the Engineer or Manager positions, you should mention the following in your CVs:
• Proof that you have held responsibilities similar to Managerial duties (e.g. managing a team of technicians, etc.)
• How many are reporting to you or how many are your direct reports/subordinates.
• The list of positions/titles (along with the numbers e.g. Technicians/Assistants/Helpers) directly reporting to you or your team that you are responsible in managing/supervising.
• The list of projects you have handled before.

To increase your chance to be successfully recruited, kindly prepare your best CV, strengthen your spirit, increase your skill and English conversation proficiency.

Campaign will be held tentatively around July - August 2013,

Attractive Salary will be offered,

If you are a qualified candidate and interested to apply the above position, please submit your CV by visiting this link for online application:

www. megarainfield. com

You may send your cv through email to but please be informed that it would be more beneficial for you to apply through our website because your data will be automatically recorded on our database and it could be used for further reference.

Kindly Share this vacancies information with your colleagues.

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