Friday, 28 June 2013

Ice House is recruiting : Finance Executive

Ice House is a world-class software engineering shop that focused purely on the mobile experience. We leverage over 50 years of experience in software architecture, development and project management across North America, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore.
As a part of our high-paced growth, we are opening for Finance Executive position. This challenging position will take care of the management, budget and financial analysis sides of the company.
The potential candidate will responsible to forecast cash flow positions, related loan needs and available funds for investment. He or she will ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirement. Maintaining banking relationship, as well as assisting the company's executives to determine proper capital structure.
Aside from that, Finance Executive will have the responsibility in managing the preparation of the company's budget, reporting to managements on variances from the established budget. Assisting management in the formulation of its overall strategic direction.
Beside assisting in the determination of product pricing in relation to features offered and competitor pricing, he or she will also controlling project costing by managing budgets and actual profit and loss per project, consolidating financial statements of Holding and subsidiaries, compiling key business metrics, managing capital budgeting process, and create additional analyses and reports.
Desired Qualifications: The finance manager candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting. It is expected to have1 or 2 years experience dealing with projects. Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly in regard to presenting the results of analyses to management. Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply. Interested candidate can send their CV to

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