Friday, 14 December 2012

Vacancies in Bali

A small-medium growing export garment manufacturer in Bali is seeking new professionals to join the current team.

The available positions are :

A. Production Manager

• Manage order from clients, sample assessment, pattern, spec sheet control
• Approval from client on color, print, beading standard
• Prepare production documentation: Schedule, purchase order, Po's , purchases, schedules, sample assessment/pattern/spec sheet control, Colour, Print and beading standard approvals, documents, shipping, communications, documents to accounting for debtors management

- Min education D1 any major
- Has a knowledge of garment production
- Has working experience at garment industry min 2 years
- Able to operate the office: words, excel, powerpoint
- Must speak and write English fluently.
- Can work under pressure, with less supervision and with team.
Applicant needs to be quick , smart, fast, excellent memory and with good experience.This is a high speed job!
Salary range : Rp 5 – 6 million/month

B. Production Logistics and Field co-ordinator.

Duties :
- Developing time sheets for every production style/ calculating man hours per style and order,
- arranging the logistics internally and externally to complete production in the allocated time frame,
- managing internal production facilities- fabric preparation, cutting, sewing,beading and QC department.
- Ensuring professional standards in internal and external facilities

- Min education D1 any major
- Speak and write English fluently
- Details oriented
- Can work with team, under pressure and with less supervision
- Able to operate office : words, excell, power point.
- Have working experience min 2 years
Our quality standards are high - applicant must be prepared to manage a quality production line.

Salary range : Rp 3 – 4 million/month

C. Costing/Cost Control/data entry/stock control

Duties :
- Data entry for accounting and stock control
- Pricing for each new model.
- Cost control on each model production
- Stock control management of on line stock systems software
- Min education D1 any major
- Details oriented
- Able to operate office : words, excel, power point, picture management
- Speak and write English fluently
- Can work under pressure, with less supervision, and with team
- Having working experience for 2 years.
Salary range : Rp 3- 4 million/month
All positions are in Bali.
Please send your application, CV, picture and salary expectation to

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