Thursday, 30 April 2009


Dear All,

We represented major Oil & Gas and Engineering companies, urgently
require Qualified and experienced personnels for their ongoing
projects in Malaysia Middle East and Australia.

a)Senior Geologist (15 – 20 yrs. Exp offshore projects)

b)Junior Design Engineer (2 – 5 yrs. Exp in pressure vessel, heat
exchanger and steel fabrication deisgn)

c)Coal Bed Methane (20 – 30 yrs. Exp in CBM Development)
(CBM) Technical Expert (currently as a Senior expert/specialist/CBM
Project leader/General Manager)
(Malaysia and Australia)

d)Railway Track (3 – 15 yrs. Exp in railway engineering
Work Engineer work. For Double Tracking project)
(Junior & Senior) (Malaysian Railway)

e)Railway Track (20 – 30 yrs. Exp in railway projects and 10
work Specialist yrs as project leader.
(For Double project)

f)Mechanical Engineer, (10 –15 yrs. Exp in Oil & Gas EPCC and
Electrical Engineer, Maintainer of refineries, plants and
Instrument & facilities)
Control Engineer, (Kuwait)
Planning Engineer

g)Lead Mechanical (8 – 12 yrs. Exp in Oil & Gas related
Technician, activities)
Lead Instrument (Kuwait)

h)Marine Engineer (3 – 15 yrs. Exp in Oil & Gas marine
( Junior and Senior) activities including onboard Petroleum and
LNG tanker. Also for FPSO

I)Petroleum Engineer (3 – 20 yrs. Exp in Oil & Gas
( Junior and Senior) projects especially offshore)

j)Reservoir Engineer (15 – 20 yrs. Exp in offshore projects
(Senior) and activities)

k)Lead Technical (15 – 20 yrs. Exp in safety
Safety Engineer engineering, design, training, develop
procedures and technical aspect of
safety. Must be an Engineer)

l)Drilling Engineer (15 – 20 yrs. Exp in offshore projects
(Senior) and activities)

m)Senior Track Engineer 20 – 30 yrs. Exp in railway projects and
10 yrs as project leader.
(For Double project)

n)Electrification Advisor 20 – 30 yrs. Exp in railway projects and
10 yrs as project leader.
(For Double project)

The above positions require oil & gas activities experience.More
experience are preferable. Kindly inform all your friends /contacts
about this and they can submit their CVs and answer the following
a) Availability
--Are you available?
--When available ?
--Notice period with present company -- how many month ?
b) Current salary
-- How much per month ( RM/USD) ? or Rate per hour ?
c) Expected Salary
-- How much per month or rate per hour ( RM /USD ) ?
d) Current location
-- Where are you now?
e) Current contact numbers
-- your office number
-- your mobile number
-- other phone number
-- your email address
f) Do you agree to work on contract under the mgt/services of
manpower agency?
( Care Ion Technologist Sdn Bhd ).
g) If you are call for interview and successful to start work,
can you come and accept the offer ? ( the idea is to get
candidates who are really keen and interested.To avoid
candidates who cause problems at last minutes say cannot
come,has other problems,change mind and etc.

Pls send the above to :

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation.



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