Friday, 15 June 2012

Vacancy Offshore Work Malaysia

Urgently required looking for Master Position (Master on ships of 3000GT or more unlimited) for Offshore Works Malaysia with the below requirement :

1. Responsible for it's safe and efficient operation, including cargo operations, navigation, crew management, and ensuring that the vessel complies with local and international laws, as wll as company and flag state policies. All persons on board, including officers and crew, other shipboard staff members, passengers, guests and pilot, are under tha captain's authority and are his ultimate resposnsibility.

2. Experience with Survey Vessel/Offshore Vessel with oil Major Petronas, Shell, Exxon, BSP, etc.

3. Good experience with 4 point mooring operation

4. Good english and medically fit to work offshore

5. Holding valid certificate, training certificate and other certificate

6. Have good knowledge and understanding on vsl ops, system, regulation, and aslo in paper work

7. 2-3 year command as master

8. A good team player and have similar detailed experience

Please send your resume CV to

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