Thursday, 31 March 2011

Merchandising Manager



We are a subsidiary of state owned company in Bandung, with our partner for mobile content are looking for highly motivated and talented people to set-up and running our mobile data service project.

The Candidate is the primary customer facing operations program resource to our carrier customer(s) in the APAC region. Key functions are to monitor service data and raise visibility and focus on the quality of the service delivered. This will include overall service understanding, tracking of Service Level Agreement impacting issues, reporting, and Operational reviews both internally externally. 

Experience in mobile technology and in delivering complex Managed Services will be strongly considered.

Excellent English and Bahasa Indonesia communication skill is mandatory. Office location is in Jakarta. We are willing to pay good compensation package to the right candidate.


Mobile Content Merchandising Manager


Qualifications :


·         Minimum Bachelor Degree 5 years  relevant experiences in IT and mobile content management, excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

·         Some level of experience in the popular culture/entertainment arena. Music, Film, TV, Print Media, etc. Since the merchandising of the mobile content is heavily influenced by events and culture, this should be a 'plugged-in' person.

·         Analytical ability. Through reporting and continuous performance analysis, the mobile storefront should be adjusted on a schedule for optimal revenue generation. Use of reporting suites as well as excel and querying are very valuable.

·         Attention to detail. The browseable storefront will have thousands of titles, all of which will have specific locations and steps for proper merchandising. The ideal candidate should exhibit a high level of attentiveness and ability to handle multiple tasks with a great degree of accuracy.

·         Solid customer interaction skills. This individual will be in communication with both the customer and Content Providers regularly. They should have the ability to effectively communicate in writing as well as verbally.

·         Technical ability to both troubleshoot and QA their work both on devices as well as on the web storefronts. The individual should be able to both navigate the mobile storefront accurately as well as perform QA to ensure accuracy on their deliverables.

·         General knowledge of content providers (local or global).

·         General knowledge of mobile content industry specifically web/wap storefronts.

·         General knowledge of mobile content delivery systems.

·         General knowledge of device operating systems.

·         General knowledge of Carrier networks.

The individuals that perform well in this role currently and in the past have been involved with actual merchandising, programming, and promotional management. This role should go beyond just that of delivering content, processing and deployment. This is more of a creative and analytical role than a technical one.

The Merchandising team that is in place comes from a merchandising and marketing focused background. These individuals usually have work histories employed by music labels, radio and television, and print media. These are creative folks who also possess a good level of analytics and solid customer interaction skills.

If you think you are suitable for the above position, please send your CV to "MERCHANDISING" as the email subject.


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