Saturday, 14 February 2009

Malaysia Singapore Jobs IT POSITIONS at ICRM _Midvalley_ URGENT

> PHP programmer
> The candidate should have knowledge either on ASP, .net or VB, .net or
> C#. Should be proficient to device new logics to the problems and also
> should be work with minimum supervision. Teaching to other team
> members can be an advantage.
> Diploma or degree with 3 years of experience

.Net programmers
> The candidate should have knowledge on multimedia programming. The
> following skill sets are compulsory.
> a. DirectX programming
> b. Remote method invocation (RMI)
> c. Multi Threading
> d. Socket programming (at least FTP client component in application
> for uploading and downloading of files)
> e. In depth knowledge of OOP.
> The candidate should have an in depth knowledge of RDBMS, especially
> Oracle and MySql. Shall maintain several databases with out any
> issues, and also can develop, deploy large scale RDBMS in given time
> frame. Having networking knowledge is a sure advantage.
> 4-5 years of experience and must be certified in any of the RDBMS,
> Oracle certification is preferable. Cisco certification is good for
> network things.
> ***********************************************
> Action Scripter
> The candidate should be very proficient with action script and can
> develop any type of logic and code for a given problem. shall know
> Flash, web designing skills.
> 2-3 years of strong skills in web designing and action scripting.
> Please forward your detailed cv's with current and expected salary to

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