Thursday, 23 July 2009

IT/MIS Application Engineer for Al-Falak / Al-Khaleej Group Alkhobar Saudi


The skills they are looking for are :

1.      Development skills in Natural on the main frame environment

2.      Natural Predict Case Tools and Documentation Tools

3.      Adabas DBA skills on Main frame o/s

4.      PAC for version controls

5.      STELINK / STEFORM for Swift Link


CV information should include:

  1. Educational Background : Degrees, diplomas etc
  2. Technical Skills : Mostly SAG products and courses attended
  3. Applications experience :  list of applications worked on showing description, owner company, period, type of involvement (banking, web-based etc)

Please send your CV with Word or PDF format to (abdul at lansima dot com) and not least 200 kb file capacity

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