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Laboratory Technician - CRD/2464 - India Job recruitment

*MNC, Worldwide leader in advance metals transformation and advanced
materials and coating technologies, is looking for :*
*Post : Laboratory Technician - CRD/2464*
*Location :* Pune
*Qualification : *BSc.( Chemistry )
*Experience : *1 to 3 years of relevant experience

*Job Description:*

*Checks / Audits : *

  - Check and ensure that the laboratory standards for test results are
  strictly adhered to.
  - Check and ensure that the procedures used for laboratory tests are
  those set out in the laboratory manual.
  - Check and ensure that the laboratory is run within  the guideline laid
  down by the laboratory system.
  - Check and report defective or inaccurate equipment.
  - Check daily and weekly testing procedure for accuracy and correct
  - Check on the compilation of reports for frequency and reliability.
  - Ensure that correct channels of communication are used and that liaison
  is effective. ( Feedback to Production and process ).

*Technical : *

  - Safety precaution in Laboratory
  a. Handling with chemicals.
  b. Handling with heavy equipments ( viz. load cells/fixtures etc).+
  c. Handling with testing samples.
  d. Handling scrap
  e. Safety during testing.
  - Collection of  samples from various machines
  a. Collecting sample ( collect right quality and right amount of sample)
  b. Ensure traceability
  - Carry out tensile testing on Instron
  a. Basic equipment Knowledge
  b. Important part of the equipments and their housekeeping
  c. Minor maintenance
  d. Tensile testing procedure/SOP
  e. Sample preparation
  f. Sample Dimension (gauge length etc)
  g. Calculation of  elongation
  h. Load calculation
  i. Load cell ( what, why, when, where, how )
  j. Stress calculation
  k. Interpretation of graph
  - Bend Test
  a. Basic equipment knowledge
  b. Important part of the equipment
  c. Sample preparation
  d. Procedure/ work instruction
  - Torsion Test
  a. Basic equipment knowledge
  b. Important part of the equipment
  c. Sample preparation
  d. Procedure / work instruction
  - Chemical testing
  a. Various lab chemical used and their maintenance.
  b. Different test procedure used in chemical lab- hands on
  c. Disposal action of lab chemical .
  d. Volumetric Analysis -- Titration
  e. Coating Analysis
  f. Lubricant control
  g. Ph value
  - Reporting result
  a. Preparation of test certificate
  b. Analysis of result ( if out of specification)
  - Storage and Disposable of samples
  a. Ensure House keeping
  b. Ensure traceability.
  c. Storage of tested samples
  d. Storage of production samples
  e. Retrieval of sample from storage rack.
  f. Disposable of samples after retention period.
  - Measurement
  a. Use of micrometer. ( Diameter Measurement)
  b. Use of thermometer (Temperature measurement)
  c. Hygrometer (Humidity Measurement)
  d. Use of Vernier Caliper.
  e. Use of various dial gauge
  - Calibration
  a. Periodically able t o calibrate and verify  lab equipment.
  b. Calibration of Load cell
  c. Keep track of  equipment which has calibration due.
  d. Ensure calibration of all equipment( Micrometer, thermometer,
  thermocouple etc)

*Company's Profile* :  MNC, Worldwide leader in advance metals
transformation and advanced materials and coating technologies, with
headquarters in Belgium.  Company develops an arrany of high-tech products,
systems and services for customers in various sectors.  Founded in 1880, the
company has close to 100 industrial sites in *30 countries* and *23000
employees*, achieved a *turnover of 4.00 billion €* in 2008 and has
customers in more than 120 countries. Customers of the company are from many
sectors – from the automotive, construction, offshore and telecom industries
to the textile industry and environment-friendly burner manufacturers.
Company supplies steel cord products for radial tire reinforcement to
virtually all the world's major tire manufacturers. The company also
supplies customers in the automotive sector with many specialized wire
products which meet the highest quality requirements and standards. These
include spring wires, fine cable wires, welding wires, cables for
side-window systems and wire for windshield wiper arms and blades.  The
company is active in practically all the other economic sectors. Some
company's products are clearly visible, but most of them are hidden. Plant
at pune is 100% subsidiary of a Belgium Company, manufacturing Steel type
cord and Hose Reinforcement wire.

*Interested candidates can send their resume at
*  with present salary and subject "Laboratory Technician - CRD/2464" on
immediate basis.*

If you know someone with the above profile, please suggest him / her to send
his / her resume at * * <>with the above

*Thanks and regards, *
*M. R. Singhal,*
*Management & Placement Consultant,*
*Centre for Right Direction,*
24, Niyoshi Park-2,
Sanghvi Nagar, Aundh,
Phone : 020-25888757 / 25880170
Fax : 020-25888757
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