Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Automotive and Electronics Instructure Vacancy

Our Clients, reputable institutes in Jeddah, KSA named Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute and Saudi Electronic Home Appliances Institute are looking for instructures :
1.      Automotive (preferrable experienced in automotive company such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Suzuki, Daihatsu etc.
2.      AC (Air Conditioning)
3.      Electronics such as washing machine, hair dryer, radio, electronic fan, tv, dvd, refrigerator etc.
4.      Office Equipment
This position is responsible for teaching technology courses the contents of which is in related positions above :
·         Conduct, deliver direct technical training instruction and determine level of learning
      of student collectively in accordance to the curriculum contents and schedule.
·         Conceptualize, develop, study and finalize training module/textbooks according to the
      set curriculum outline of the Institute.
·         Evaluate student academic performance in accordance to the set guidelines.
·         Set up, prepare, evaluate teaching materials per allocated class and technical subjects
      in accordance to the lesson plan and textbook.
·         Maintain accurate records of student academic performance and attendance.
·         Submit reports like; student grades, evaluation results, attendance list, and other reports or material that the office may require.
·         Supervise and maintain unit room, workshop equipment and materials by checking,
      repairing and reporting in order to maintain equipment training functionality.
·         Implement workshop and unit room management.
·         Maintain order and cleanliness of the assigned training room, facilities and equipment.
·         Protect training materials and equipment from losses and destruction.
·         Study different reference materials relevant to the Institute curriculum and conduct
      actual practices to determine the level and each textbook developed and time allocation in the lesson plan.
·         Participate in faculty meetings, commencement exercises, convocations, honor programs, registration, student advising and counseling.
·         Participate in the curriculum development and training programs (technical or non-
      technical, teaching or non-teaching).
·         Supervise, monitor and evaluate junior instructor teaching and practical instructional
      delivery performance.
·         Conduct coaching, teaching and practical hands-on training instruction to all junior instructor as a form of technical transfer or staff development program and cooperation.
·         Implement direct or indirect instruction from the head instructor and/or management of the Institute.
·         Recommend, suggest concept and functional ideas for the improvement or betterment of the Institute as a whole.
·         Serve as role model for students.
Male, Minimum of BSc in electronics, electrical or mechanical engineering, at least 5 years practical experience in the same filed, must have served as Instructor in a school or in dealer workshop for 3 years. Computer literate.
Fluent in English.
Interested candidate send cv with current foto to : fdelila@yahoo.com
PT. Yanbu Al Bahar
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No. 38 B Jaksel 12760
Attn. Fera Delila 08174815685 (no sms)

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