Tuesday, 15 December 2009

vacancy Wanted ART DIRECTOR (based in Singapore / Indonesia)



Opportunity to be Art Director in RGE Group



The RGE Group is a group of independent companies operating in the resource development industry.
The Group, previously known as "RGM International", was transformed on 9 September 2009, to the RGE Group, or "Royal Golden Eagle". This transformation was effected to better reflect the contemporary and global perspective that the Group now adopts.

RGE supports a global group of highly successful, socially responsible companies operating in the resources development area. With assets of around US$10 billion and employing a work force of over 50,000 people,

the companies are organised into the following business groups:
• Fibre, Pulp and Paper (APRIL)
• Agro Industry (Asian Agri)
• Specialty Cellulose and Cellulosic Fibre (Sateri International)
• Energy Resources Development (Pacific Oil & Gas)


General Responsibilities:

- To design Corporate Identity, Corporate Collaterals and other identity applications.

- To establish, communicate and train CI Manual to all relevant users

- To ensure and monitor that the CI manual is applied consistently across the group.

- To conduct periodical training and updates users with skills and knowledge required

- To conduct regular audit for all applications.

- To define selection criteria for printing company and pre qualify them

- To establish standardized budget norms and expenses

- To design and update company websites

- To liaise with external consultant for outsourcing work

- To advice and provide inputs for Corp. Comm materials

- To provide design and inputs for any relevant corporate events/promotion/exhibitions etc

- To build a strong graphic design team, manage their performance and develop their capabilities



Basic Qualifications:

* Min. 5 yrs experience in creative graphic design field

* Strong technical & leadership skill

* Nationality: Singapore / Indonesia


Interested & Qualified Candidates are welcome to apply directly to:


linda_liu@eastindo.com and recruitment_sas@rgei.com



:) should you not interested, kindly help to share this info to your networks :)

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