Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Job opening for an upcoming oil refinery in india


HI to all group memebers i am having a job oppourtunity for these poitions 
1. shift supritendent-6 positions exp 7to 10 yrs
2. field supervisor -18 positions exp-5to 7 yrs
job descriptions for both the profile are same but their is difference in experience
if intrested reply with your cv at phone no. 011-65666632



Projects Phase


Key Activities

Receive training on key areas & conduct training to employees

·         Must train and demonstrate competency in

o   Incident Command and control

o   Fire Fighting

o   Safety (Personnel, process and procedures)

o   Refinery Optimization

o   Refinery Operations

o   Performance Management including Responsibilities/KPIs

o   Emergency Response (responsibilities and overall)

o   Administrative processes, procedures

o   Standard operating procedures

o   Overall refinery flow and unit operations

o   Team Building & Management

o   Basic IT tools

·         Participate in developing emergency response plan and training

·         Assist in training on

o   Basic Safety

o   Basic Maintenance

o   Basic Operations

o   At least two process units

o   Operation Technician Fire Training

o   Emergency Response

o   Command and control for emergency

Knowledgeable on Refinery unit operations

·         Knowledgeable on start-up, shut down of unit operations

·         Knowledgeable on start up, shut down for specific types of equipments

·         Knowledgeable on monthly plan/daily plan and be able to monitor compliance by his team

Assist in recruitment of operations organization structure

·         Assist in recruitment of console supervisor, field supervisor and operations technicians

·         Develop effective operations teams

Assist in pre-commissioning and start-up

·         Participate in planning for commissioning activities as required

·         Participate in Commissioning including moving from commissioning teams to 4 operating teams and finally to 6 operating teams



Operations Phase


Key Activities

Provide direction and guidance to core operations teams in a shift

·         Responsible for refinery operations and is the senior person in charge of the operations team when the team on shift (shift-in-charge)

·         Understand refinery plan and economics and ensures refinery is operated consistent with guidelines

·         Ensure that team members are up to date with training and certifications and completing all required training in a timely fashion

·         Assist Field Supervisor and Control Supervisors as required

·         Remains diligent by monitoring radio communication, identify developments and provide guidance and direction as appropriate

·         Develop and qualify a step up replacement for Shift Superintendent

Ensure performance of operations team

·         Ensure team is complying and successfully completing targets, procedures, task manuals, safety practices and on shift maintenance activities

·         Steward KPIs reflecting his team's performance

·         Monitor and ensure that team KPIs are tracked and met

·         Identify specific performance issues with team members and ensure appropriate corrective actions are undertaken

·         Conduct timely performance review of direct reports and assist in the development and progression of operations teams

·         Ensure appropriate shift coverage (people, equipments, procedures etc) and effectiveness of the shift

·         Prepare shift report and ensure proper handover to his relief

In charge of Emergency Response

·         During Emergency Response, he becomes the Incident Commander

·         Guide his team through handling emergencies

·         Ensure that team is up to date with emergency training

·         Ensure refinery remains under control and has enough resources to handle developing situations

·         Initiate callouts for support when required

Ensure compliance with procedures and regulations

·         Ensure adherence to all operating procedures and processes

·         Monitors compliance with operating plan and shift daily orders

·         Ensure compliance with administrative procedures such as attendance, planning and scheduling of vacations etc

·         Ensure administrative issues in his team are resolved in a timely and effective manner by self or in coordination with respective department

·         Ensure compliance with all applicable safety, environment and regulatory guidelines

Mechanical Cycle (6 operating teams)

·         Perform special assignments under guidance of Chief Manager

·         Participate in training (Participant or instructor)

·         Supervise maintenance staff (contractors, maintenance techs and operation technicians)


·         Be observant during all situations and take appropriate actions or initiate communication with next in command to ensure that all problems are resolved

·         Serve as a connecting link between his team and total organization

·         During Turnaround serve as Turnaround Manager


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