Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lowongan PT Freeport Indonesia Geodetic Engineering

Lowongan di PTFI untuk Departement Central Service Engineering
Posisi : Surveying Engineer ( Geodetic Engineering )

The purpose of this position is:

Ensure position and elevation project will meet with drawing, provide the field data as project required and prepare planning surveyor activities as the project schedule and performance reporting in developing the project plan and assist superior with information, in order to achieve division and company's objective.


The key duties and responsibilities of this position are:

1. Prepare data plan and coordinate position as project required as the ordered Engineering Designer project.

2. Set up in field plan and coordinate project as required in drawing project with ordered construction group.

3. Monitor and ensure all surveyor activities will perform with the schedule project.

4. Prepare report data survey for project which users can easy understand and implement to develop project.

5. Prepare and maintain tools and equipment as required surveyor activities.

6. Collecting historical information about previous project to be used in preparing the project plan and support the preparation of the project plan and its base documents and identify methods to be used for activity sequencing.

7. Identify and implement subordinates' development needs to enhance their capabilities.

8. Guide, monitor and control the implementation of safety standards and procedures within work area to minimize accident and damage



The key challenges in this position include:

- Advance skill and knowledge with the latest equipment and tools survey.

- Synchronize with construction schedule and activities


The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:

Minimum Education and Experience

- Bachelor Degree (S1) in Surveyor Engineering with 2 years working experience as surveyor in infrastructure of mining industry.

- Bachelor degree (D3) with minimum 5 years experience as surveyor in infrastructure of mining industry.

- Senior High Schools with minimum 10 years experience as surveyor in infrastructure of mining industry.


Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters)

- Ability to use equipment and tools survey.

- Ability to use AUTOCAD software for developing drawing

- Ability to read construction specifications and construction drawings.

- Ability to use Microsoft Office.

- Analytical thinking.

- Communication skill.

-Consistency and accurate person.






The key areas in which you have decision-making responsibility are:

° Approve coordinate and plan project.







- Direct subordinate        = 2 Non Staff

- Work area                   = All PTFI jobsite area

Sifat lowongan internal maka tidak langsung dikirimkan ke email PTFI.
Apabila berminat silahkan kirimkan CV saja ke :
Hanya kandidat yang terpilih akan dihubungi untuk interview.

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