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Vacancy for Saudi Aramco Petroleum Company



We PT Millenium Muda Mandiri is a recruitment and consulting company that specializes in placement of Indonesian skilled workers in Hospitality (Hotel, Cruise Line & Restaurant), Healthcare & Medical, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Retail Industry through out the Gulf region, Far East Asia, Europe and still expanding fast to other parts of the world.


Our Client from Saudi Aramco Petroleum Company is looking for Professional Candidates Engineer to fill the following vacancies in Saudi Arabia:



Drilling Engineer


Vacancy for: 4 People


General Summary

Studies, analyses and evaluates drilling engineering data collected at wells, and recommends methods and techniques for economical and safe operational achievement.  Recommends drilling engineering activity plans. Prepares various regular reports, technical reports and summaries of drilling engineering activities.


1.     Reviews and analyses various drilling engineering data, operation reports, statistics, and study reports, and recommends economical and safe measures for optimum drilling and worker operations. Monitors drilling and workover operations, and recommends operational options for trouble counter measures and improvement of operational performance.

2.     Initiates and recommends specifications for equipment/tools, materials and supplies, supporting services, operation methods and procedures, and prognosis for drilling/worker/well completion practices. Performs technical and safety inspection of drilling rigs, equipment and associated services.

3.     Collects latest information of new technologies and methods in drilling engineering, and recommends application of such technology/method to Company's operation. Initiates and maintains computer system, IT network, drilling engineering software and database.

4.     Assists supervisor in preparation of budget for the Group.  Assists supervisor in tender procedures for drilling engineering service contracts. Prepares a variety of regular activity reports, statistics, technical summaries and other technical reports.

5.     Discusses with Government Officials, as a member of a Company team, and other outside firms, as directed, concerning Company's drilling/worker/well completion maintenance engineering activities.



10% of time is spent outdoors.  Normally an air-conditioned office environment.



A.    B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering.

B.    10 years experience in drilling activities in the oil industry.

C.    Must have excellent spoken and written in English, other language is highly desirable.

D.    Basic knowledge of PC operations.

E.    Working Reference





Drilling Rig Supervisor


Vacancy for: 4 People


General Summary

Undertakes all responsibility of drilling and workover operations representing KJO and  working onboard drilling rig on a 24 hours a day and 2 weeks rotation basis. Directs and supervises drilling service contractors. Frequently communicates with onshore base and regularly reports operational progress and status. Controls drilling materials, supplies and service contractors' arrangement.


1.     Directs and controls drilling and workover operations, rig move, service M/V activities and emergency responses on board drilling rig on a 24 hours a day basis. Frequently communicates with onshore base. Instructs and supervises drilling services provided by contractors. Inspects and checks drilling rig, equipment, material stock, and work performance of onboard crew, and instructs service contractors repair and maintenance activities on the rig.  

2.     Reviews and checks drilling and workover programmes. Ensures procurement of services and material supplies in accordance with approved operation programmes. Provides drilling service contractor with detailed operational procedures and requirements at every step of drilling and workover operations. Requests and instructs to onshore base for logistic supporting activities. Ensures that all activities are carried out in accordance with the Company's safety policies and procedures.

3.     Prepares and delivers daily drilling and workover operation report including various drilling parameters, material supply and consumption, costs, and other associated information.

4.     Ensures that Contractor maintains the rig and their equipment at maximum efficiency minimizing down-time and the KJO's materials and equipment are properly utilized, handled and stored.




Works at drilling rig on 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and 4 weeks rotation basis. Spends 50% of time walking and standing.



A.    B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent.

B.    15 years experience in drilling activities in the oil industry.

C.    Very good knowledge of English.

D.    Basic knowledge and skills of PC operations







Material Engineer, Materials and Supply


Vacancy for: 4 People


General Summary

Prepares and proposes material supply and services procurement plans. Initiates and proposes standardized material supply and logistic supporting work flow. Evaluates and optimizes material stock inventory, supply and procurement processes. Investigates and proposes specifications and qualitative requirements of materials and services. Inspects and reviews drilling shop and maintenance activities.


1.     Coordinating with drilling operation team and other Departments and contractors, estimates requirements and prepares plans for material supply and services procurement in accordance with the KJO's long range exploration and development programmes. Reviews, inspects and proposes requirements and specifications of materials/supplies, equipment and logistic services for drilling operations. 

2.     Establishes and instructs standardized material supply and logistic supporting work flow and processes. Collects information and performs market survey and industry trend analyses for drilling materials and services procurement. Keeps records and analyses statistical data on material procurement, supply/consumption and stock. Performs cost analyses, and optimizes material stock inventory. Prepares reports related to material supply and services procurement.

3.     Assists supervisor in preparation of activity plan and budgets controls for his Group. Assists supervisor in reviewing supply tenders/contracts under Materials Department's control. Maintains close communication with Material Department and material supply contractors. Evaluates service contractors' performance.



Normally air conditioned environment, but occasionally operational environment.




A.    B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering or B.A. in material administration/management or equivalent.

B.    10 Years experience in drilling engineering and/or material supply management in the oil industry.

C.    Very good knowledge of English.

D.    Knowledge of PC operations.





Works in accordance with established plans, policies and professional standards. Plans and programs are discussed with supervisor and completed work is reviewed and approved.




-         Contract period will be 2 years (renewable)

-         Accommodation, medical and insurance

-         Food on duty

-         Yearly return ticket with family free transportation






Please send the necessary documents at the earliest to:


HRD & GA Division

Menara Hijau, 14th Floor SUITE #1406

Jl. MT Haryono Kav. 33

Jakarta 12700


Vacancies :

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