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Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) for PhD in Science and Engineering


Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

A unique opportunity to pursue your PhD in Science and Engineering

SINGA is an award given to international students with excellent
academic undergraduate and/or master's results, and strong interest in
doing research leading to a doctorate (PhD) in Science and Engineering
at a Singapore University. The students can choose to do their research
work mainly at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research
(A*STAR), National University of Singapore (NUS), or Nanyang
Technological University (NTU). The PhD degree will be conferred by
either NUS or NTU.

"International students" refer to students who are not citizens or
permanent residents of Singapore, and who have not previously studied
in Singapore. We hope to award up to 240 SINGA scholarships per year
with no bond. You are not required to take up citizenship and you are
not required to work in Singapore after graduation.

The Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) is a collaboration
between the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR), the
National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological
University (NTU). PhD training will be carried out in English at your
chosen lab at A*STAR Research Institutes, NUS or NTU. Students will be
supervised by distinguished and world-renowned researchers in these
labs. Upon successful completion, students will be conferred a PhD
degree by either NUS or NTU.

"We want to encourage more such exchanges, to build friendships and
mutual understanding. This is why we are introducing a new Singapore
International Graduate Award (or SINGA), for international students to
do their PhD training in a multi-disciplinary environment in Singapore.
240 SINGA Awards will be given every year to top students from all over
the world. I hope that this will enhance the close educational ties
between our countries and will bring our young talents even closer

Extracted from Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's speech at the
Honorary Doctorate Degree Conferment Ceremony, Eotvos Lorand
University, 9 October 2007, Budapest, Hungary


* Open to all international students

* Graduates with a passion for research and excellent academic results

* Good skills in written and spoken English

* Good reports from academic referees


SINGA brings together top scientists from A*STAR, NUS, and NTU. These
scientists have made a mark in the international R&D landscape and
are currently pursuing research work here at A*STAR, NUS, or NTU.

Through SINGA, you will be able to work with these top scientists in
finding cures for aids, cancer, infectious diseases, diabetes, obesity,
aging etc, establishing novel approaches in bioengineering and
nanotechnology for the next big scientific breakthrough, and developing
ground-breaking and cutting-edge methods in data storage, optical
communication, wireless and mobile technology, artificial intelligence

There is no limit when it comes to research. And SINGA provides you the
opportunity to begin the exciting journey of discovery and betterment
of human life.

Research areas under the PhD Programme fall broadly under two categories:

(i) Biomedical Sciences; and

(ii) Engineering and Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


* Attractive monthly stipend over 4 years of PhD studies, which can
support you comfortably. The stipend amount is SGD 24,000 annually, to
be increased to SGD 30,000 after passing Qualifying Examination.

* Full support for tuition fees for 4 years of PhD studies.

* One-time SGD 1,000 Settling-in Allowance

* One-time Airfare Grant of SGD 1,500

Estimated cost of living in Singapore (Per Student Per Month)

* Food

- University Canteens: SGD 200 - 300

- Meals outside Campus : SGD 440 - 525

* Accommodation - per person based on twin sharing: SGD 300 - 600

* Transport Expenses (local): SGD 100 - 150

* Other Expenses (stationery, toiletries, laundry, recreation,
etc): SGD 300 - 500

* Total Estimated Cost of Living: SGD 1,100 - 1,700

* 1 USD is about 1.4 SGD


Application for August 2009 intake has closed. Click here to apply for
January 2010 intake.

The application deadline for January 2010 intake is 1 June 2009. Only
applications with all required supporting documents (transcripts,
referees' letters, etc.) received by SINGA Office before 1 June 2009
will be processed for the January 2010 intake.

Applicants who applied for the January 2010 intake before 1 June 2009
but whose supporting documents are received after 1 June 2009 will be
considered late and be processed for the August 2010 intake instead.

All supporting documents are to be submitted by post to:

Attention: Ms Lee Suet Leng / Ms Pris Ang

A*STAR Graduate Academy

Agency for Science, Technology and Research

20 Biopolis Way, #07-01 Centros

Singapore 138668

Please check and ensure that all data you have entered in the online
form is correct and accurate before you submit the online application.
Amendments to the online application will not be possible after it is
submitted. In addition, amendments on the hardcopy of the application
form will not be included and will render the application invalid.

You may download the Academic Referee's Recommendation Form here.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified within 2 months from the
application closing date.

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