Sunday, 1 March 2009

Senior R & D Engineer

Position: Senior R & D Engineer
Location: China, your own contry or the rest of the world.
Position: R & D minister

Requirement & Qualifications:
1. Having been worked on washer motor development in a world famous
appliance company, such as Siemens, ACC,ASKOLL for more than ten
years, and responsible for washer motor project independently for
more than 5 years.
2. Familiar with the development of universal motor and circulation
pump, with rich experience in project R & D
3. Well known the latest theory and technique of the washer motor
development, which can improve our R & D level.

1¡¢ Leading the R & D team, and responsible for the projects
1£© Universal motor¡¯s noise (Complete appliance) and vibration
2£© Research for the brush and commutator of the universal motor
3£©Technical research of the agitator washing motor for the American
4£© The development of BLDC¡¯s motor design and control
technique; Research on the pump¡¯s working condition noise,
vibration analysis control and sealed system of the pump; 3-D
analysis on the stream mode in the scroll-case
2¡¢ Responsible for the progress,quality,cost and management
control of the R & D team, achieve the expected R & D target
3¡¢ Participating the market development of the R & D products,
and push the products to the market
4¡¢ providing technical guidance to improve the R & D level

We are head hunter firm. This position offer very good annual income
and other remuneration.
If you have friends or schoolmates who qualified for above position,
please send CV to or contact +6 017 2128577 for

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